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Why LMB Housing Services?

More and more people are coming to Singapore only for a few months or have no clear visibility on how long they will exactly stay here.
This poses a challenge as traditional accommodations are not well suited to cater to this need. Hotels, serviced apartments, traditional long term tenancy...There are different solutions for different housing needs:

Why LMB v1.2

Different solutions for different housing needs:

Here are more details about the type of accommodations available in Singapore:

  • Hotels? They are not really an option if you need to stay for several months...
  • Traditional Serviced Apartments? They are very expensive compared to a traditional long term lease, especially if you are coming here with your family.
  • Traditional Long Term Tenancy? If you are looking for a traditional long term lease in Singapore you have to sign a lease agreement for a FIXED duration (usually 2 years) and it is not possible to terminate the lease earlier than initially planned.

    You also need to take care of a lot of things yourself: contract subscription for utilities (electricity, water), equipment of the apartment, internet connection, cable TV, find a housekeeper, find a contractor for the maintenance of the aircon, take care of all the repairs and damages... This takes a lot of time and energy, especially if you move in a new country and even more if this is for a few months only.


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LMB Serviced Apartments vs other Short Term Rental Solutions:

Let's compare LMB Housing Services offer to the other short term rental solutions available in Singapore:

Housing Solution




  • Location: usually in city centers.
  • Flexibility: minimum one night.
  • Services: restaurant, bar.
  • Not a flat just a room.
  • Less suitable for a family.
  • Cost.

Traditional Serviced Apartments Operators

  • Location: usually in city center.
  • Flexibility: rental per week.
  • Services: concierge, daily housekeeping, breakfast.
  • Cost.

Long Term Tenancy with Private Owners

  • Surface: rent a bedroom or a whole apartment.
  • Price: can appear to be more affordable.
  • Usually need to pay an agent’s commission.
  • Need to subscribe to utilities, cable TV and internet.
  • Need to subscribe to mandatory insurance policy
  • No maintenance services included and no professional customer support (in case you have an issue with electricity, plumber, etc.).
  • Usually no weekly cleaning services.
  • Virtually no offer for a duration inferior to 1 year.
  • Uncertainty about flat equipments.

LMB Housing Services

  • Surface: rent a whole apartment, not just a bedroom.
  • Equipment: fully furnished and equipped apartments.
  • Standard Services included: housekeeping twice/once a week, Cable TV, Internet connection and Wifi Router, Maintenance and Hotline.
  • Hassle-free: utilities already turned in.
  • Flexibility: flexible lease.
  • Price: Affordable monthly rental rates (Check our rates).
  • Location: maximum 10 minutes walk to the nearest MRT Station.
  • Monthly rental: minimum 3 months rental (we do not rent our serviced apartments on a daily or weekly basis).
  • No premium services: breakfast, concierge, daily housekeeping.


So... Why renting a Serviced Apartment with LMB?

  • If you want to get the best of your housing budget during your stay in Singapore.
  • If you need an apartment for a shorter duration than traditional leases (a few months instead of a few years), in a full facilities condominium.
  • If you need this flat to be fully furnished, equipped (bedsheets, towels, kitchenware, etc...) and set up (electricity and water are on, internet is connected, cable TV is installed).
  • If you need a housekeeper (twice/once a week) to take care of your home.
  • If you don't want to bother with maintenance and repairs in the unit.

If you need all this at an affordable price, then LMB Housing Services has the right solution for you!

Check our rates and select your serviced apartment now!