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Maggie Willis

USA Flag Maggie Willis, 28 years old, USA

Designer, RTKL

Maggie is 28 years old, she moved to Singapore in May 2014 from Washington DC. She's an Interior Designer at RTKL, a global architecture, planning, engineering and design firm.

"I specialize in workplace design and strategy, and have been working for RTKL since 2011 in the US. I arrived in Singapore in Spring 2014 to work for one of our global clients, an international Oil & Gas company.

Initially I came for 6 months, but the project keeps extending!

When I arrived in Singapore I stayed in a hotel on Orchard (Grand Hyatt) for two weeks. For long term housing, my company rented a service apartment for me in The Foresta@Mount Faber in HarbourFront/Mount Faber area. It's a great location because it's very convenient to go to my office, which is located only a short walk away or 2 bus stops away from my apartment.

I have been living in my service apartment in The Foresta@Mount Faber for more than 1 year now and I plan to stay at least until October 2015, or maybe even longer.

It works out great for me because I really need flexibility for my apartment lease.

"When I first arrived in the apartment, I immediately thought it was really nice and cozy. Even though it wasn't necessarily my style, I liked that it was all set up and decorated (even pictures, frames, mirrors on the wall!) with nice furniture. The move was very easy and convenient: all I needed to do was unpack my suitcase and I was all moved in!

When I moved to Singapore, it was my first time in Asia! It was a very smooth transition though: I thought it was very easy to navigate around the city and people were friendly.

Singapore is a very clean, safe, green and welcoming city. I enjoy living here!

As for me, I am a pretty laid back and outgoing person! I like exploring the Singapore night life with friends, going to yoga and pilates classes, traveling, hiking, and being outdoors. One of the reasons I like the location of my apartment is how close I am to Mount Faber and the outdoor trails. On weekends, I like going for walks through Mount Faber Park, Henderson Waves, the Forest Walk, and Labrador Park.

RTKL organized my stay in Singapore: they chose LMB Housing Services. It is the first time they used LMB, but I am certain they will use your services again!

I would definitely recommend LMB: it is hassle-free, all set up, easy."

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