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Charles Pelissier

France Flag Charles, 28 years old, France,

Legal Department, Ubisoft Singapore

French native (born in Lyon) Charles has been working at Ubisoft in Paris for 4 years. In 2013 he relocated to Singapore for a mission: they needed a Senior Legal Counsel to oversee operations in Pacific-Asia zone.

"I arrived in Singapore in October 2013, on my own. I was 26 years old. I was lucky: my girlfriend joined me in Singapore 2 months later!

For a European guy, moving into an Asian country is a big change. I already traveled to several places in Asia such as Bali or Shanghai, but it was my first time in Singapore.

Ubisoft booked a serviced apartment at LMB for me: I moved in a studio apartment in One North Residences. My girlfriend and I were both very happy to arrive in this new home: it was ready to leave-in, everything was set-up.

We just had to come with our suitcases.

My first impression of the apartment? Very good! I was welcomed by a nice Sales person for check-in. It was all fully furnished and equipped, ready to live-in. It was a relief to arrive in a new home where everything was set-up. Decoration in the apartment was simple and understated (Ikea style). I also felt very safe in the condo.

First I signed a 6 months contract for a mission in Singapore. Then I was happy to hear that Ubisoft decided to lengthen my contract to a 2 years contract.
I appreciated the flexibility of LMB as I had to lengthen my stay in the apartment for two months. My girlfriend and I stayed in LMB apartment until mid-may 2014. After 8 months in LMB serviced apartment we started to look for a new place to live with a long term lease.

Singapore is such a dynamic city. Here, we evolve in a fast going environment.

I particularly appreciated the reactivity and patience of the maintenance guys at LMB.

Do you want to hear a funny story? Here's an anecdote: one day, the sink stopper was blocked in the bathroom. I could not open it so I called LMB Customer Service. A maintenance guy came within half an hour to help me unblock the sink. Fun fact: it was actually not blocked... I just did not know that a button was hidden somewhere behind the sink to open it..! So, thank you LMB..!

About me? I am fun and ambitious! I am now 28 years old, and I am still working at Ubisoft in One North in Singapore.

I would definitely recommend LMB to anyone who needs a flexible and short term housing solution in Singapore."

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