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How To Book Your Serviced Apartment

You found the perfect accommodation on our website but you do not know how to book? Here is an infografic showing the 3 easy steps to follow in order to book one of our fully furnished and serviced apartments in Singapore:

How to book serviced apartments in singapore


  request for availabilities button


  request for availabilities button

More details about booking a serviced apartment:

Send us a Request for Availability

Once you've found the right serviced apartment in a nice condominium and in the perfect location on our website, you just need to send us a Request for Availability.

Our sales team will answer all your questions and give you information about our availabilities. We will send you pictures of the actual apartment that we are offering you as opposed to the generic pictures that you can see on our website. Once everything is clear, we will send you a Tenancy Agreement for renting the serviced apartment you chose.

We send only one Tenancy Agreement for a given unit: the apartment that we are offering you will not be offered to anyone else for a certain period of time to give you sufficient time to review the contract and confirm your reservation. This is why our offers have a maximum validity of 3 days. If you do not return the signed Tenancy Agreement before the expiration date, the offer will be considered as rejected.

Confirm your booking

In order to confirm your apartment booking, you will need to:

  1. Send us a signed copy of the Tenancy Agreement either via fax (+65 6491 1297) or via email.
  2. Wire the full amount of the retainer as specified in the contract.
  3. Send us your passport copies and the documents that certify that all the occupants of the apartment are authorized to stay in the country for the duration of their stay.

Organize your check-in

We will contact you one week before your lease start date to arrange your check-in so that we can greet you in your apartment and do a proper handover of the place. Find more details about Check-in / Check-out. Contact us in advance if you need to arrive a couple of days before the beginning of your lease: if we have availabilities we will do our best to accommodate you.

If you need a transportation from the airport to your serviced apartment, contact us in advance so that we can arrange your airport pick-up: a taxi will welcome you and drive you to your new home. Find details about our optional services such as airport pick-up or early/late check-in/out on our Optional Services Page.

Your serviced apartment will be ready for your arrival, with everything you need to settle in as soon as you step in. Enjoy your stay in Singapore!


Our Serviced Apartments in Singapore: