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The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) category answers some of most common questions we receive. We hope you'll find all your answers here! If you still have questions: contact us!
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faq general 70x70 General

What does LMB Housing Services do?

LMB Housing Services is a company that provides medium term rentals in fully furnished serviced apartments in Singapore. We operate in full facilities condominium in the South West of Singapore.

faq rates and prices70x70 Rates & Prices

Is the monthly rent net? Are there any taxes to add?

Our rates are inclusive of all applicable taxes. There is no surprises there!

Which services are included in the rent?

The idea is to provide a hassle free package: all you need to care about is moving in, we take care of the rest:

  • All our apartments are fully furnished and equipped: all furniture, fully equipped kitchen, washer and dryer, bedsheets and towels, TV, DVD player, etc.
  • The following standard services are included in the rent:
    • WiFi Internet access.
    • Cable TV.
    • Once/Twice a week Housekeeping.
    • Maintenance and repairs.
    • Utility subscription.
    • 24h/24 customer service (if you have any issue with the flat).
    • Access to condo facilities (swimming pool, gym, etc).

For more details go to Standard Services Page. Check also the list of our Optional Services.

What is the administration fee?

The administration fee is an of 300.00SGD fee per booking, non refundable.

Can the rental be pro-rated in case my lease does not start or end at the beginning and/or the end of the month?

Yes. Note though that the minimum invoicing period is one month (ie 30 consecutive days). We take your actual lease start and end date to bill you. Typically, if your lease starts on a 15th of month M and ends on 28th of month M+6, your first rental will be computed from 15/M to 31/M, you last rental will be computed from 01/M+6 to 28/M+6 all other rentals will be taken for the full month from the 01st to the 31st.

faq booking and confirmation 70x70 Booking & Confirmation

Do you accept daily/weekly bookings?

No, we do not accept daily nor weekly bookings (sorry).

Does the lease necessarily start the first day of the month?

No, the lease does not have to start the first day of the month. You can arrange your lease start date with our Sales Team (subject to availability of the apartment).

What do I need to do to book a serviced apartment?

Follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Contact our Sales Team,
  2. Sign the tenancy agreement,
  3. Wire the money.

For more details, go to the How to book page or contact us.

You told me that there was availability. How long do I have to confirm and send my retainer?

We work on a first come first serve basis: Should the unit you are interested in be taken by another prospect between the moment of your request of availability and the moment you decide to book, we will inform you and do our best to offer you an alternative option.

A unit is considered as booked when we send a prospect a Tenancy Agreement. We will not offer that flat to another prospect during the validity of the offer. The validity of the offer maybe of 1/2 to 3 days maximum depending on how short notice the booking request is. The validity of the offer is stated in the offer itself and in the email accompanying it.

The booking is considered confirmed only when we receive the signed Tenancy Agreement and the corresponding retainer or at least the proof of transfer of that retainer. If we have not received your retainer within 7 days of the reception of the signed Tenancy Agreement, the offer will be considered as void.

faq payment 70x70 Payment

Which currency do you accept?

We accept Singapore Dollars (SGD) only: all payments are to be settled in SGD. If you pay in other currencies, the source for the exchange rate applicable will be on the day the money is credited on LMB Housing Services' bank account. The exchange rate used to convert the amount transferred in Singapore dollars will be the rate of the day +15%.

Which payment method do you accept?

We do accept basically all payment methods, but some are cheaper than others:

  • Typically for payment from outside of Singapore, the bank transfer remains the cheapest and simplest payment method as most banks now provide this facility on line with pretty competitive rates. Our bank details are stated in the Tenancy Agreement we send you.
  • For people already in Singapore, they might also choose to pay by cash or local cheques in SGD.
  • We do not have any Credit Cards facilities, but we can activate a Paypal "Payment Request" to allow you to pay securely on-line either with a Paypal account or using your credit card. Note though that the Paypal charges of 3.9% of all amount paid remain at your charge.

When shall I wire the money?

The payment schedule is detailed in the Tenancy Agreement and the accompanying email.

Basically the retainer is to be paid upon acceptance of the Tenancy Agreement. The security deposit, the first rental, the administration fee and the 1st month utilities provision are to be transferred 10 days before the lease start date in order to be on our account 7 days before your arrival.

If the money due before the lease starts has not been paid, this will be considered as a cancellation of your booking.

Do I have to pay agent fees?

No agent fees: We are NOT housing agents! If you are interested in one of our serviced apartments, you will sign a lease agreement with LMB Housing Services Pte Ltd.

faq deposit policy 70x70 Deposit Policy

How much for the deposit?

Tenants shall pay two months rent as a security deposit as follow:

  • One month rent upon signing the Tenancy Agreement
  • One month rent 10 days before the lease starts.

How long will my deposit be held by LMB?

The deposit will be held by LMB Housing Services as security for the duration of the lease.

The second month Security Deposit will be used to offset the last month rental, hence the tenant will not have to make any payment for his/her last month rent as it will be deducted from the deposit.

When will my deposit be refunded?

Refund of the security deposit is subject to the satisfactory handover and inspection of the property on the day of departure, and the actual utility consumption. The security deposit will be refunded maximum one month from the date of expiry of the lease. This delay is necessary to account for the real utility consumption as detailed on the utility bills from the utility provider.

What happens in case of damages in my flat?

LMB Housing Services reserves the right to deduct any amount from the deposit to cover the costs of returning the flat and/or its equipments to its original condition as it was when the tenant moved in (excluding fair wear and tear).

In case of damages to the condominium premises or common equipments and if it has been demonstrated that these damages have been caused by the Tenant(s) or one of the occupants of the flat, LMB Housing Services will also deduct from the deposit the amounts corresponding to the costs of repair and/or replacement caused by these damages.

If the amount of the deposit is not sufficient to cover these costs, the Tenant will still be liable for these costs and LMB Housing Services will have the right to take all necessary actions to recover these costs.

faq check in and check out 70x70 Check In & Check Out

What time is my check in and check out?

  • Check in Time is after 15h00 on the first day of the lease.
  • Check Out time is before 12h00 on the last day of your lease.

This is necessary so we have enough time to clean up and prepare the unit for the next occupant.

What if I arrive late at night or early in the morning?

We will arrange a late/early arrival. We assign one staff to handover the unit regardless of the time of your arrival. Note though that there is a minimum charge of 50.00SGD for arrival before 9.00am or after 6.00pm or on Sunday or Public Holidays.

More details about our Optional Services here.

Contact our sales team in advance to arrange your late/early arrival.

faq utility usage 70x70 Utility Usage

Do I need to set up my utility account?

No need to care about utility account setup (water, electricity and gas). We will re-bill you monthly with your actual utility consumption.

Are utilities included in the rental rates?

Our rental rates DO NOT include utilities consumptions which are billed based on your actual usage of water, electricity and gas.

How much am I going to pay for utilities?

We will bill your actual utility consumption (based on meter readings and costs from the utility provider).

This usage is based on the meter readings that are taken when you move in and move out of your flat.

The average consumption per unit type is as follow. Note that these are just an indication and that it will entirely depends on your actual utility usage.

  • Average monthly consumption per unit size:
    • 300.00SGD/month for 3 BDR and 3 BDR+Study flats.
    • 250.00SGD/month for 2 BDR, 2 BDR+Study flats.
    • 200.00SGD/month for Loft units (in One North Residences).
    • 150.00SGD/month for Studio units and 1 BDR flats.

How often will I receive utility bills?

We assess utility usage every month and bill back the Actual Utility Costs as charged by SP Services (Singapore Power and Water supplier) monthly.

Your utility bill will be added into your monthly rental bill.

The 1st and the last utility bill will be pro-rated using the meter readings taken during your check-in and check out respectively.

The last utility bill will be off set from your deposit.

faq other 70x70 Other

Internet: is my apartment equipped with its own router?

  • All our apartments have their own internet subscription via cable (up to 6Mps) or ADSL.
  • They are equipped with their own wireless router to allow occupants to connect several PC or laptops to the Internet.

Am I allowed to bring my pet?

Yes, we allow cats and dogs with no surcharge. Note though that it shall not trouble the residence quietness and cleanliness and that you shall be responsible for any damage they may cause to the property or the common areas.

Do you provide breakfast and/or dinner?

No we do not provide meals. There is no restaurant in the residence.

However you can order in advance for a Welcome Basket containing a selection of Breakfast basics for your arrival: (50.00SGD). More details here.

Is there a shuttle service in the condo?

No, there a no shuttle service. Our condos are all located 5-10 minutes walk to the nearest MRT station and there are public bus stations even nearer to the residence.

Is it possible to change the bed settings?

Yes it is possible to replace Queen size beds with single beds and the other way around provided there is sufficient space in the bedroom. This is a chargeable optional services valid while stock last. More details here.

Do you provide towels and linens?

Yes. Each bed comes with 2 sets of bed sheets and 2 towels.

Do you provide kitchen items?

Yes. All our apartments are fully equipped and furnished, and contain all the necessary equipment to cook and serve meals.

Are we allowed to cook in the apartment?

Yes. All our apartments have a fully equipped kitchen and you are more than welcome to use it extensively!


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